5th Wedding Anniversary
65th Birthday Party

NOTE: All the pictures taken at the party were done by our good friend Peter Hui. He is the bestg kind of volunteer - no one asked him to do this but he did and gave us a beautiful album of all the pictures.

The King and Queen cut the cake.

The Queen outdid herself with the food that was served.

Beth buys me another pair of Homer Simpson slippers. The last pair had to be cut up to remove a splinter that was in my foot. Just to show you how hip the King is - I had no idea who the character was on the slippers!!!

Brenan and his girlfriend Lisa admire the bottle of home made Lemoncello that Michael and Laurel brought to us.

The King baked two Ratners cheesecakes for the party.

The Queen came as a 'holy cow' girl.

Roseanne and the King and Queen. I am wearing a set of teeth that had been brought in a bag of 100 teeth as a present to be exchanged.

Beth looks absolutely thrilled to have received her gift in the gift exchange.

Bill gets the Ethiopian wallet back that he gave me to sell on Ebay.

Debbie and Don

Irene gets a Mussolini keychain from Italy.

Jonas shows off the beautiful hat he received.

Ken and the cow.

Laurel is surprised at how beautiful the necklace is that she got.

Leah obviously likes her reindeer hat.

Marvin and Judy got a cow bird.

Pat is not happy with her men's underwear.

Phil receives a rain stick. We happen to know that the person who gave this away waited for the right time for 25 years.

Stephanie got a ????

Toby receives two candle holders.

Vince received a pair of leather pants with a slit up the side. He refused to model them for us.