Las Cruces - February 2009

The King and Queen flew to New Mexico to attend the opening of an art exhibit in Las Cruces that featured the Queen's daughters ( We also visited some national parks while we were there.

Photo: The KX2 art is quite large and Dana lives in a small apartment in Albuquerque. The only bedroom is completely covered from floor to ceiling with packing material from the pieces sent for the show.

Photo: The King and Queen took a detour on the way to Las Cruces to stop and see Bill Cooper and his one-eyed dog Zack  in Deming, NM. Bill hosted us on our cross-country bike trip in 2005 and we have remained in contact with him.

Photo: The vending machines are heavily protected on the interstates in New Mexico.

Las Cruces Museum of Art

Photo: The photo announcing the art show at the Las Cruces Museum of Art.

Photo: The above series of photos were taken at the show in Las Cruces.

Photo: One of the other artists featured in the show had many interesting pieces - this one is called `Balanced Diet'.

Photo: After dinner we went out to eat and drink to celebrate the show.

Photo: The next day in Las Cruces we toured another gallery and being a modern art gallery there were some strange pieces.

White Sands National Monument
This national park is 275 square miles of white gypsum sand dunes. The park is actually moving as the dunes move from west to east as much as 30 feet per year.

Valley of Fire State Park

The Valley of Fire State Park is one of the best-preserved lava fields in the continental United States. It was formed between 1500 and 2000 years ago when Little Black Peak erupted pouring molten lava for forty-four miles southwest through the valley. The actual lava flow came out of vents in the ground and not from the peak so it was not a true volcano. The lava flow that filled the valley is 165 feet deep at the deepest point and 2 to 5 miles wide.