Florida - January 2010
It is raining Iguanas

As most of you may know from the papers this month so far this has been the coldest January in Florida in over 25 years. The temperatures at night have been in the 30s and the house here in Hollywood is just not built for this type of weather. The heater can get the house up to about 55 degrees at night but that is about it and during the day with the temperatures outside still in the 40s it is pretty cold in the house.

One thing that happens when it gets this cold is the lizards start to hibernate (some die) and the Iguanas who are not native to Florida die and fall out of the trees. The news talks about how in some areas it is `raining Iguanas'. The two pictures attached are as follows:

One of the several Iguanas that we found dead on our bike ride this morning.
In walking around the house in Hollywood this is the collection of lizards that we collected in less than ½ block. We put them out in the sun on the backyard table and when it warmed up all but one eventually left and went back to their home.

The weather is now in the 70s and the cold spell appears to be over.


We did several Hash runs during the month of January - mostly when it was cold.