This year we decided to go Israel from Rome. One of the principle reasons was to see a science colleague of the Queen whose wife had died of cancer recently. We have known them for over 25 years and actually did a house swap with them a few years ago. It was not planned - Tvi was coming to the Washington DC for a meeting and his wife was coming with him. Turned out we were going to Israel at the same time so they stayed in our DC condo and we stayed in their house in Rehovat.

One of the problems we encountered was the fact that it was the Passover holiday. At first we thought it would be neat to be there during Passover but it turned out not to be the case. First, lots of people come to Jerusalem, our first stop, and the city was packed. Second, a lot of restaurants were closed. Instead of going through the exercise of `koshering' for Passover a lot just close. Also we could not get bread/pita while we were there.

We spent 4 nights in Jerusalem and 6 nights in Tel Aviv. Older son Morgan joined us in Tel Aviv at the end of the trip for a few days. He came to meet up with a women friend who he knew when he lived here in 2003.

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