Two years before this trip the King and Queen went on a bike trip with a group. This was our first one with a group and it was with Santana, a company that makes tandem bicycles. That tour left from Rome and ended in Nice, France.

We had wanted to go to Croatia - not necessarily to bike - but we got an email about a Santana group going to Croatia when we would be in Rome in the fall. We looked into it and although it was going to the places we wanted to go it was very expensive and we would be back on a boat. The King does not like boats.

The Queen began to investigate other bike tours of the area to see if we could find another one or plan one herself. The planning was difficult for a self guided tour because it involved many ferries and hotels.  Fortunately, she found a British company called Bike Croatia. It was half the price of the Santana trip and half the price of several other touring companies who do this area like Bike Vermont and Backroads. Also, all the logistics would be taken care of.

We decided to sign up and take a chance. The King was a little worried since it would be a small group - turned out to be 21 total. I knew from my sightseeing guide experience that one bad apple that always complained or was late could ruin a trip for the others. There was not one bad apple in this group.

The map below shows the region where the trip would be. We would start in Split (in the upper left corner) and head south from island to island ending in Dubrovnik (in the lower right corner).

Since we had never been to either Split or Dubrovnik we decided to spend a few days at the start of the trip in Split before meeting the group and then a few days in Dubrovnik at the end of the trip.

Both before the beginning and after the end we would be in Rome. Since we were staying in our friends apartment in Rome the logistics of leaving the stuff we did not need for the trip behind in Rome was very easy.

Link to Rome Fall 2019: ROME FALL 2019