On this fall visit to Rome the Queen and I decided that we would spend at least  one week outside of Rome. We decided that we would go south to an area we have not been to before - Calabria.  As it turns out on the week we set aside for the trip we both got sick. We were not badly sick - just cough and sniffles - but we were not sure how bad it was going to be so we stayed around Rome.

Our alternative plan was to go to some museums and churches we had not been to in Rome. I had been collecting the names and descriptions of some of these places over the years and they were sites that tourists normally do not go to. Early in this visit we had dinner with our friend Judy Testa who is often in Rome in the Fall. Judy wrote one of the most interesting guide books on Rome in 1978 and is an expert on Rome. She also writes an Interent column on sites in Rome for an Italian website. We told her about our plan and she sent us some stuff on some of the sites she has written about.

Towards the end of our trip, the Queen got a call that she was needed by one of the companies she consults for in San Francisco. We had to leave early to travel there. Fortunately, we had a ticket on ITA the new Italian airline that we had flown to Rome from Washington DC. They had a new route - non-stop from Rome to San Francisco. They obviously bought a bunch of old planes from Alitalia, that went out of business. The photos below are of repairs done to the plane with duct tape.