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You have reached the website of Hynda and Nolan (the Queen and King). This website was originally intended to be the journal of our trip to Rome in 2004 when the Queen was on sabbatical for six months. Most of the links in the second blue box below are for that 2004 trip plus a few others after.  We have decided to expand the website to include our subsequent travels. In 2006 the Queen retired from the National Institutes of Health on January 6th after 30+ years and we began a year of travel. While we were away one of our running friends lived at our house and took care of our plants and animals. The first blue box below contains links to the more recent items followed by our calendar of events for each year. All entries in bold/italics and with underlines are links to pictures and stories.

Direct links to frequently requested topics:

September/October 2022: Croatia/Rome ( ROME FALL 2022 )( CROATIA 2022 )

April 2022 Bologna/Rome/Milan (ROME SPRING 2022)

March 2022: Scotland/Spain  (SCOTLAND SPRING 2022 )( SPAIN SPRING 2022 )

September/October 2021: Rome/Venice/Lake Garda/Slovenia ( ROME FALL 2021 )  ( SLOVENIA 2021 )

September/October 2019: Rome/Croatia/London/Barcelona ( ROME FALL 2019 )( CROATIA 2019 )

April 2019: Rome/Israel ( ROME SPRING 2019 ) (ISRAEL SPRING 2019)

September/October 2018: Rome/Lisbon/Dolomites ( ROME/LISBON FALL 2018 ) ( DOLOMITES FALL 2018   )

April 2018: Lima/Machu Picchu/Paracas (PERU 2018  )

March 2018: Rome/Torino ( ROME/TORINO SPRING 2018 )

September/October 2017: Rome/Berlin ( ROME/BERLIN FALL 2017 )

April/May 2017: Rome ( ROME - SPRING 2017 )

October/November 2016: Rome (ROME - FALL 2016) (SANTANA BOAT/BIKE)

April/May 2016: Rome: ( ROME - SPRING 2016 )

January/February 2016: Andalusia Spain ( SPAIN - 2016 )

October/November 2015 Rome: ( ROME - FALL 2015 )  ( CILENTO AREA )

April/May 2015 Rome: ( ROME - SPRING 2015 )   ( LAKE GARDA )

October 2014 Rome: ( ROME - FALL 2014 ) ( ISRAEL - FALL 2014 )

April/May 2014 Rome: ( ROME - SPRING 2014 )

October 2013 Rome: (ROME - FALL 2013)

April/May 2013 Rome:( ROME - SPRING 2013 )  (ISRAEL - SPRING 2013 )

October 2012 Rome: ( ROME - FALL 2012 )

April/May 2012 Rome: (ROME - SPRING 2012 )

September/October 2011 Rome: (ROME - FALL 2011)

April/May Rome: ( ROME - SPRING 2011 )

October/November Rome/Sicily: (ROME - FALL 2010)

September/October Rome: (Rome - Fall 2009)

March/April 2009 Rome: (Rome - Spring 2009)

October/November 2008 Rome ( Rome Fall 2008 )  ( Israel Fall 2008 )

March/April 2008 Rome: ( Rome Spring 2008 )

October 2007 Italy: Rome Oct 2007

Bike Trip on the Adriatic Coast of Italy (Spring 2007):

October 2006 Italy: Rome Oct 2006

Cross Country Biking (Spring, 2006) :

Box below mostly links to living in Rome in 2004.

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Our schedule for 2022 is as follows:
January 1 - March 3                     Hollywood, Fl
March 3 - 10                                 Scotland ( SCOTLAND SPRING 2022 )
March 11 - 16                               Tortosa and Barcelona, Spain ( SPAIN SPRING 2022 )
March 17 - 19                               Bologna, Italy (BOLOGNA)
March 20 - April 20                      Rome, Italy (ROME SPRING 2022)
April 21 - 27                                  Hollywood, FL
June 1 - 15                                    Bradenton, FL
July 24 - August 14                       Martha's Vineyard
September 21 - 23                       Rome, Italy ( ROME FALL 2022 )
September 23 - 30                       Croatia Bike Trip ( CROATIA 2022 )
October 1 - 30                               Rome, Italy    ( ROME FALL 2022 )
December  22 - 29                       Fisher Family Trip

December, 2022 Hanukah in Hollywood, Florida

Since Covid is still around we always have a mask handy. I used it to subsitute for a yarmulka for the lighting of the candles and the making/eating latkes.

Ruth and the grandchildren were with us for the holiday. We made gnocchi together.

October, 2022 Rome, Italy ( ROME FALL 2022 )

After 2 1/2 years of escaping Covid the Queen tested postive while in Rome. The owner of the apartment we always stay in while in Rome visited us the first day to welcome us. Three days later he called us to say that he just tested positive. The next dya the Queen was not feeling well an we used one of the tests we brought with us to test her and ++++. Her fever reached 103 for a few hours one day and she tested positive for almost two weeks. She also had headaches which she never gets and some eye strain. Fortunately, we could quarantine her in the bedroom and the King moved to the couch in the living room for two weeks.

September, 2022 Croatia Bike Trip  ( CROATIA 2022 )

This year, after a Covid cancellation, we returned to Croatia to do the same bike trip we did three years ago... only this time we took Morgan, Brenan, Dana and Matt and Brenan's friend Erin. The weather prediction was for a week of rain but we had 6 days of perfect weather for biking. The photo is of a stop at a winery on the last full day of biking.

July, August 2022 Martha's Vineyard

The annual visit to Martha's Vineyard continues. This year prices really went up alot and some of the Queen's family opted to only come for a week instead of two. We managed 3 weeks although Ruth had to leave early - after two weeks - as the grandkids had to start school in the beginning of August. Brenan's friend Erin came for a long weekend and then they had to leave early to go to a wedding in France.

March, April 2022 Rome, Italy Ruth, John and Kids, Hari and Anu (ROME SPRING 2022)

This year we had two sets of visitors. Ruth, John and the kids (Calder and Ava) came to Rome for one week after their trip to Aviano to visit John's brother who is on the US Air Force Base there. Hynda's science colleague from 25 years ago at NIH and his wife came to visit for the entire month we were there. This is the one photo we take with all visitors. They are redoing the shop and the sign now says 150 flavors of gelato instead of the old one with 154 flavors. Wonder which four flavors they got rid of? Maybe one of the 27 chocolate flavors.

March, 2022 Bologna, Italy (BOLOGNA)

After Spain we did not have to be in Rome for 4 days so we decided to make a stop in Bologna where we had never been. This is a university city with the University of Bologna being the oldest in the world. The food is supposed to be the best in Italy and we had several restaurant recomendatioons from Italian friends. This photo is of the Queen and King with our Rome friend Elana's daughter Margerite who goes to vet school in Bologna. As you can see by the way we were dressed it was cold.

March, 2022 Tortosa and Barcelona, Spain Visiting the Second Home of Maria and Elias ( SPAIN SPRING 2022 )

The Queen with Elias in the backyard of their country home in Tortosa about two hours south of Barcelona. They have hundreds of lemon, olive and orange trees. The Queen picked pounds and pounds of oranges with Elias. We spent three days there and then went to Barcelona for three days. The Queen had been asked to chair a thesis committee for one of Maria's students.

March, 2022 Edinbugh, Scotland  2022 International Jewish Woman of the Year Herzfeld Prize for Health ( SCOTLAND SPRING 2022 )

When we were in Florida we learned that the Queen had been awarded the 2022 International Jewish Woman of the Year Herzfeld Prize for Health to be awarded by the Edinburgh Jewish Cultural Center. Dr. Gertrude Herzfeld was the first woman surgeon in Scotland being awarded her degree in 1914. The Queen was one of 21 Jewish women who were nominated and she was chosen unanimously by the committee. The College of Surgeons, where the event took place, was founded in 1505 making it one of the oldest medical schools in the world. We were wined and dined for three days. The photo is of the Queen with the dean of the school and one of the professors. The dean is wearing the more fancy cape. While there we took a side trip into the Scotish highlands in search of the Loch Ness monster.

February, 2022 Ft. Lauderdale, FL KX2ART Exhibit

KX2Art was featured in a hotel in Ft. Lauderdale with a cocktail party on the roof.

Our schedule for 2021 is as follows:
January 1 - March 3                     Hollywood, Fl
April 1 - April 11                           Biking Slovenia CANCELLED
April 11 - May 12                          Rome, Italy  CANCELLED
May 12 - June 3                            Hollywood, FL  Ava's 7th  Birthday
July 25 - August 15                       Martha's Vineyard
September 15 - 17                       Rome, Italy  ( ROME FALL 2021 )
September 17 - 30                       Slovenia/Northern Italy ( SLOVENIA 2021 )
October 1 - 30                               Rome, Italy   ( ROME FALL 2021 )
December  22 - 29                       Fisher Family Trip  

October, 2021 Rome, Italy and Side Trips ( ROME FALL 2021 )

The G20 meeting was in Rome while we were there. Streets were closed off and traffic was generally impossible. The police were out in force - riding their Ducati motorcycles.

September, 2021 Bike Trip in Slovenia ( SLOVENIA 2021 )

After 2 years of postponing our bike trip in Slovenia we finally got to go. The Queen's daughter and husband opted out since their anxiety level due to COVID numbers in FL was too high. Morgan and Brenan went with us. We debated for several weeks and only went at the last minute. Everyone on the plane had to have been vacinated and had a negative COVID test within 48 hours of leaving. On the final days of the trip we crossed into Italy. This photo is of the four of us at the Slovenian/Italian border.

August, 2021 Martha's Vineyard, MA

The annual trip to Martha's Vineyard was a success. In spite of the limitations of the COVID protocols we managed another safe year on the vineyard. This is the annual family photo on the deck of the house we rent for the kids. This photo includes Starlord and Shami and Baby Yoda.

May, 2021 National Arboretum, Washington, DC

To celebrate the Queen's birthday we went to the DC Arboretum. It was the start of spring and many spring flowers were blooming. These Corinthian columns were put in the East Portico of the US Capiol in 1828. They did not fit properly and were removed and put in storage. They were not moved to the Arboretum until 1984.

January, 2021 Aerojet-Dade Rocket Fabrication and Development Facility, Everglades, FL

In the 1960s during the height of the Space Race, a facility for constructing and testing rockets was built in the Everglades. Aerojet General, a company that produced and tested solid-fuel rockets, bought 25,000 acres of land near Homestead and Everglades National Park. NASA went with solid fuel rockets and Aerojet closed that facility in 1967 and just abandoned it. The King and Queen went with Dana and Matt and we explored the remains of the buildings by bicycle.

Our schedule for 2020 is as follows:
January 1 - February 23               Hollywood, Fl
February 23 - March 1                 Barbados
March 26 - April 4                         Bradenton, FL Calder's 8th Birthday CANCELLED
April 4 - May 5                               Rome, Italy  CANCELLED
May 18 - May 29                           Hollywood, FL  Ava's 6th  Birthday CANCELLED
July 26 - August 16                       Martha's Vineyard
September 9 - 13                         Rome, Italy  CANCELLED
September 13 - 30                       Slovenia/Northern Italy CANCELLED
October 1 - 28                               Rome, Italy   CANCELLED
December  22 - 29                       Fisher Family Trip  CANCELLED

November 2020, Great Falls MD Nolan's Birthday Hike

For my birthday this year Morgan, Brenan and Shami joined Hynda and I as we hiked the Billy Goat Trail near Great Falls.

November, 2020 Savanah, Georgia Clary's Cafe

On the way back on our drive from Florida to DC we decided that a good stopping off point would be Savanah, GA. We celebrated the Queen's 50th birthday in Savanah 23 years ago. When we were there they had just completed the filming of 'Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil'. One of the several places that were important in the novel was Clary's Cafe in the downtown historic section. We had been there for breakfast and we decided to return. This time because of Covid we ate outside. I did go inside and the place has not changed one it in 23 years.

September, 2020 Rosh Hashanah Dinner in the Courtyard

With Covid we had to have a socially distanced Rosh Hashanah dinner. We decided to do it in the courtyard.

August, 2020 Martha's Vineyard, MA

The annual trip almost did not happen. With Covid we were not sure whether we should cancel or go ahead with the trip. At the time Florida was experiencing over 10,000 new cases a day. Both Ruth and the kids and Dana and Matt would be coming from Florida. Dana would be driving but Ruth and the kids would be flying - passing through two airports and one car rental location. We really decided at the last minute that it was a go. We wore masks all the time, socially distanced all the time and kep away from hugging anyone for the first ten days. Calder and Ava understood perfectly and wore their masks constantly. It turned out to be a winderful trip.

February, 2020 Barbados

Since we did not do a December Fisher Family Trip last year the Queen wanted to organize a February trip. She selected Barbados and 12 of the Fisher Family went. We had excellent weather, a very nice hotel in a great location, lots of good food, plenty of side trips and managed to get everything in before the Corona Virus lockdown that we did not know was coming. This photo was taken in a grotto that we toured.

January, 2020 James Museum, Tampa, FL

We visited Tampa Florida during our stay. Our friends from DC Kathy and Jay were there for 3 months. The Queen's brother was also there renting an apartment with a friend. Also, the Queen's friends from high school - Carol and David were also there. One day we went to the James Western Museum in downtown Tampa. Notice ther red Washington Nationals baseball cap. The Nats won the World Series this past year.

Our schedule for 2019 is as follows:
January 1 - February 10               Hollywood, Fl
March 27 - April 3                         Bradenton, FL Calder's 7th Birthday
April 3 - 21                                     Rome, Italy ( ROME SPRING 2019 )
April 21 - May 3                             Israel ( ISRAEL SPRING 2019 )
May 9 - 16                                      Phoenix, AZ  Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)
May 17                                            Los Angeles, CA       
May 18 - May 29                           Hollywood, FL  Ava's 5th  Birthday
July 27 - August 18                       Martha's Vineyard
September 12 - 15                       Rome, Italy ( ROME FALL 2019 )
September 15 - 26                       Split, Dubrovnik Croatia  ( CROATIA 2019 )
September 27 - October 3          Rome, Italy   ( ROME FALL 2019 )
October 4 - 7                                 London, England ( LONDON )
October 7 - 10                               Barcelona, Spain ( BARCELONA )
October 10 - 23                             Rome, Italy ( ROME FALL 2019 )
December  22 - 29                       Fisher Family Trip - No trip this year

October, 2019 Halloween Hollywood, FL

We attended the Halloween Hash, the Wilton Manor parade and the dowtown Hollywood, FL parade for kids. We went as Dr. Frank R Footer and Magenta from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

September, 2019 Bike Trip,  Croatia ( CROATIA 2019 )

This is a photo of the group and the guides on our bike trip in Croatia.... and yes that guy in the back is really that tall. Weather was perfect, food was fantastic, wine and beer great and all the people were nice and interesting. No bad eggs on the trip fortunately.

September, 2019 Rome, Italy with stops in London and Barcelona ( ROME FALL 2019 )

Sometimes things do get fixed in Rome. The bike path that goes north from Rome along the Tiber River was badly in need of repair. This year when we returned the path had been newly paved - I am on a section that had not been open yet and was still wet from being painted. I only crossed the tape that was up because a mother and daugther in front of me did. I was ready to turn around but I forgot this is Italy and no one obeys signs, lights, etc. I know the path looks photoshopped but this is the actual color!!!!

August, 2019 Martha's Vineyard

The annual trip this year was the first without the Queen's dad. We had one lobster dinner in his honor.

May, 2019 Phoenix, AZ  ISEF

This year the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair was in Phoenix. We took a side trip to Tucson to visit some science friends of the Queen. The photo is of the Queen on the top of the Hyatt in Phoenix at a rotating restaurant and bar.

April, 2019 Rome, Italy ( ROME SPRING 2019 )

This year Morgan came to Italy and Israel. He was in Italy before we got there and will leave Israel after us. After dinner in Trastevere we went to Cioccolata e Vino, a bar that serves shots in a chocolate cup.

April, 2019 Israel ( ISRAEL SPRING 2019 )

The election for the new government in Israel was taking place while we were there. Morgan has dual citizenship so he was able to vote.

March, 2019 Bradenton, FL

We went to Bradenton from Hollywood to celebrate the 7th birthday of our grandson Calder.

January, 2019 Matlacha, FL

We visited our friends Elle and Jonas on Matlacha near Cape Coral FL. We had lunch at the Ragged Ass Saloon on Pine Island.

Our schedule for 2018 is as follows:

January 1 - February 7                 Hollywood, Fl
March 7 - 11                                  Turin (Torino), Italy ( TORINO )
March 11 - 25                                Rome, Italy ( ROME/TORINO SPRING 2018 )
March 25 - April 4                         Hollywood, FL Calder's Birthday
April 20 - May 5                             Lima, Peru  (  PERU 2018 )
May 14 - 18                                   Pittsburgh, PA  Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)
May 19 - 26                                   Hollywood, FL Ava's Birthday
July 8 - August 13                         Martha's Vineyard
September 20 - 27                       Dolomites and Vicenza, Italy ( DOLOMITES FALL 2018   )
September 27 - October 22        Rome, Italy ( ROME/LISBON FALL 2018 )
October 22 - 27                            Lisbon, Portugal ( LISBON, PORTUGAL )
October 27 - November 9           Hollywood, FL
December 12 - 22                        Hollywood, FL
December  22 - 29                       Punta Cana, Dominican Republic ( DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 2018 )

December 2018 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Fisher Family Trip

This was not the best December trip we have been on. It was our first 5-star all inclusive resort and it had some bad problems including robberies of Dana and her husband Matt. This was the first Fisher Family Trip that the Queen's dad was not able to make.

December 2018 Pembrooke Pines, FL

Breakfast with my Aunt Ruth and Cousin Gale.

October 2018 Rome, Italy ( ROME/LISBON FALL 2018 )

After almost ten years of trying we finally managed to get into the Jewish Catacombs in Rome. The photo shows us with Brenan, who was in Rome for a week before heading to Israel on his round the world trip, in the 2nd century part of the catacombs.

September 2018 Dolomites and Vicenza, Italy ( DOLOMITES FALL 2018   )

This year on our way to Rome we flew into Venice first and spent 7 days in the Dolomites and Vicenza. The scenery was spectacular.

September, 2018 Happy 95th Birthday to my Aunt Ruthie

In Florida for the 95th birthday of my mother's sister - my aunt Ruth.

August, 2018 Martha's Vineyard, MA

Only 30+ family of the Queen on the Vineyard this year. We only were there three weeks this year instead of the usual four.

June, 2018 Washington, DC Washington Capitals!!!!!

The Washington Capitals Hockey team wins the Stanley Cup. It is the first time in over 25 years that any professional sports team has won a championship in DC.

May, 2018 Bradenton, FL Ava's 4th Birthday

We were in Bradenton for Ava's 4th birthday party. She dressed in a Perucian dress that Aunt Cookie got on our trip to Peru.

April, 2018 Machu Picchu and Peru with thirteen family members ( PERU 2018 )

The Queen had this on her bucket list and when she turned 70 she decided it was time to go. We waited until the end of the rainy season and 13 family members tagged along.

March, 2018 Bradenton, FL Calder's 6th Birthday Party

Calder turns 6!!! He had a very nice party at a park and a couple of his new friends came.

March, 2018 Visting Turino, Italy Before Rome

Spending four cold days in Turino before we go to Rome. Gera and his wife from Israel were there. Those are actual stuffed horses in the Royal Palace.

January, 2018 Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run Miami Beach, FL

All Hash House Harrier kennels have an annual Red Dress Run. The one for south Florida starts at 6 PM and we left at 12:30 AM after about five bar stops and many jello shots.

Our schedule for 2017 is as follows:

January 1 - January 22                 Hollywood, Fl
February 16 - February 18           Henderson, NV
March 24 - 26                                Hollywood, FL Calder's Birthday
April 4 - May 3                               Rome, Italy ( ROME - SPRING 2017 )
May 14 - 18                                   Los Angeles, CA  Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)
May 18 - 23                                   Hollywood, FL Ava's Birthday
August 5 - August 26                    Martha's Vineyard
Spetember 19 - October 17         Rome, Italy   ( ROME/BERLIN FALL 2017 )
December 12 - 24                        Hollywood, FL
December  24 - 31                       Fisher Family Trip, Akumal, Mexico

December, 2017 Fisher Family Trip Akumal, Mexico

For the first time in 25 years of the Fisher Family trip we returned to the same place - The Spa and Wellness Center at Akumal Bay. Last year we had 43 people but this year we were down to 17 including the Queen's 95 year old father.

December, 2017 Hanukah in Bradenton, FL

This year Ruth and the family moved to the west coast of Florida and we flew there before going to Hollywood to celebrate Hanukah with the grandchildren. Ava is wearing her Octupus Menorah T-shirt.

November, 2017 Birthday and Anniversary Celebration

This year the King turned 75 and we also celebrated one of our anniversarys (15th) with 44 of our closest friends.

October, 2017 Berlin Germany ( BERLIN )

In the middle of our stay in Italy we went to Berlin for 5 days. Weather was awful - raining, windy and cold. However, there was a lot to see in Berlin. Morgan came while we were there and he got to be our guide for five days. Photo: Brandenburg Gate.

September, October, 2017 Rome Italy ( ROME/BERLIN FALL 2017 )

This summer was a very hot one in Rome. There was a stretch of two weeks where the temperatures were above 100 degrees. There has been no significant rain for months. As a result of this some of the nasones (fountains) in Rome are shut off or are just dripping. This is a very unusual time since it is the first time in our 13 years of coming to Rome we have seen a water shortage.

August, 2017 Family Photo, Martha's Vineyard, MA

This year we were on the Vineyard for three weeks. For the first two weeks the kids were all there and stayed in their own house. The last week, when everyone went home, we had our vacation.

June, 2017 Ernie Fisher Turns 95, Boston, MA

Hynda's dad turned 95 and we went to the party in Boston. He requested that everyone make a speech saying how wonderful he is. The photo is of Hynda giving her speech that consisted of telling about all the animals they had growing up.

The Fisher siblings at the party.

May, 2017 Ava Turns 3, Hollywood, FL

Double birthday weekend as grand daughter turned 3 and Hynda turned 70. Dana and Matt flew in from New Mexico and Morgan and Brenan flew in from DC to surprise Hynda. We flew from Los Angeles to Holywood. We went out for dinner four nights and celebrated each dinner with a birthday cake.

May, 2017 Family Lunch, Los Angeles, CA

When we were out for the ISEF contest we visited with Aunt Helen who moved from Las Vegas (Henderson) to a Senior Living facility in Los Angeles. Cousin Howard joined us.

On the same visit we went to Santa Monica and found the Sovereign Hotel where we stayed on our first overnight trip together in 1994. Built in 1928 it has turned into a very upscale apartment building.

April, 2017 Rome, Italy ( ROME - SPRING 2017 )

This trip coincided with the 165th anniversary of the Rome police force. We happened upon a celebration for it on the Pincio, the park overlooking Piazza Popolo.

March, 2017 Calder's 5th Birthday Hollywood, FL

The King and Queen traveled to Florida for the fifth birthday of grandson Calder. At the party the determined young man rode his bicycle around the park where the party was held.

March, 2017 AIPAC Convention, Washington, DC

This year Morgan joined me and we heard some incredible speakers. For the second year in a row I got to spend some time with Rabbi Lioinel Rosenfeld of the West Marble Arch Synagogue in London. He is from six generations of Rabbis in Jerusalem and his nephew is Chief of Police in Jerusalem.

January 2017 Hollywood, FL

A lot of our activities are with the two grandchildren like talking them to a park to see the fishermen and their friends.

Our schedule for 2016 is as follows:

January 1 - January 27                  Hollywood, Fl
January 28 - February 13             Spain (Madrid, Granada, Cordoba, Seville, Toledo, Barcelona) ( SPAIN - 2016 )
February 13 - February 16           Hollywood, FL
April 5 - April 15                            Rome, Italy ( ROME - SPRING 2016 )
April 16 - 18                                   Barcelona, Spain ( BARCELONA )
April 19 - May 1                             Rome, Italy  ( ROME - SPRING 2016 )
May 9 - 13                                      Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) Phoenix, AZ
May 13 - 16                                   Henderson, NV
May 28 - 31                                   Boston, MA Ernie Fisher's 94th Birthday Party (the Queen's dad)
August 6 - August 20                    Martha's Vineyard
September 16 - 18                       Boston, MA Toby and Joya's Wedding
October 5 - October 21                Rome, Italy   (ROME - FALL 2016)
October 21 - 29                            Santana Boat/Bicycle Trip (Corsica, Elba, Sardinia, Nice) (SANTANA BOAT/BIKE)
October 30 - November 9            Rome, Italy    (ROME - FALL 2016)
December 19 - 23                        Hollywood, FL
December  24 - 31                       Fisher Family Trip, Akumal, Mexico

December, 2016 Fisher Family Trip Akumal, Mexico

Forty three - yes forty three members and hangers on of the Fisher Family tribe - including 94 year old Ernie went to Akumal Mexico.

The week coincided with Chanukah which we celebrated each night.

October, 2016 Boat/Bike Trip Elba Italy and Corsica and Nice France (SANTANA BOAT/BIKE)

We spent eight days on a very nice boat cruising from island to island and biking on each.

October, 2016 Rome, Italy Morgan and Brenan Visit (ROME - FALL 2016)

This year both Morgan and Brenan spent time with us in Rome. Morgan had not been here in 6 years and we took him to the new museums/exhibits. One stop was the new excavation of the house of Nero - Domus Aurea. Since it was still an active excavation site we had to wear helmets. Morgan left after one week and went to Israel to visit friends and then came back to Venice to take a mosaic class at the Orsoni Factory. The factory has been around since the 19th century.

August, 2016 Annual Family Adventure to Martha's Vineyard, MA

For the third year in a row the Obama family came on the day we went and left when we left. This time they were located about one mile from the house we rented for the kids in Menemsha.

August, 2016 Decatur Mews Flood Washington, DC

We were on Marhta's Vineyard one day when Brenan called us to say that a pipe had broken in our upstairs guest bathroom and had caused the dining and living room ceiling to fall and had filled the ceiling of the downstairs neighbor's living  and dining room and kitchen.

July, 2016 Washington, DC Warm Showers Visitors

Another warm showers visitor was Hannah and her boyfriend. They were biking from Florida to Maine.

June 2016 Washington, DC Warm Showers Visitors

As some of you know from past posts we are on the website and we host travelling bikers. This was our latest guests - Kathy and her sister Maureen. They had just finished biking the 360 miles from Pittsburgh to DC along the C & O Canal and the Allegheny Trail. They were quite muddy when they arrived as the trail from Cumberland to DC can get pretty muddy when it rains and we have had a lot of rain lately.

May, 2016 Fairhaven, MA Ernie Fisher Birthday Lunch

We travelled to Boston to celebrate the 94th birthday of Hynda's dad - Ernie Fisher. We went to Fairhaven for lunch one day. That is Hynda's sister Candy whose house we were at on the left.

May, 2016 Henderson, NV

Whenever we are in the west we always take time to visit the King's Aunt Helen and Uncle Joe. Joe is now 93 years old and still drives. We went to the Ethel M chocolate factory where they make among other things M and Ms. The factory is part of the Mars Family holdings.

May, 2016 Phoenix, AZ Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

The Queen and I judged the high school science contest that was in Phoenix this year. As usual we were blown away by these impressive youngsters. Matt and Dana drove over from New Mexico to see us and spend two days with us after the contest. They were on their way to Los Angeles to make a KX2ART presentation at the home of a Hollywood TV producer.

April, 2016 Marriage of Maria Campo Sid, Barcelona, Spain

This is the Queen with the very beautiful bride.

April, 2016 Rome, Italy ( ROME - SPRING 2016 )

When we arrived an artist from South Africa William Kentridge was just completing this installation along the Tiber River. He did it by sandblasting the dirty area that he did not want in the picture. What is left is a picture on the 'dirty' wall. The history of Rome was the theme and it stretched from on bridge to another. This part depicted the sacking of Jerusalem and the bringing back all the spoils including the menorah from the Temple in the year 79. You can get an idea of the size from looking at Hynda in the photo.

February, 2016 Andalusia and Barcelona, Spain   ( SPAIN - 2016 )

The Queen was asked to chair a thesis defense in Barcelona and we took the opportunity to tour Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba, Granada, Seville and Segovia. The photo was taken at dinner in Barcelona with Maria and Elias and their two daughters Clara and Maria and Maria's fiance.

January, 2016 Hollywood, FL

Calder is now 3 1/2 and Ava is 1 1/2. We enjoy being grandparents.

Our schedule for 2015 is as follows:

January 1 - February 4                  Hollywood, Fl
March 13 - 17                                Calder's Third Birthday, Hollywood, FL
April 6 - May 5                               Rome, Italy ( ROME - SPRING 2015 )
April 24 - May 1                             Lake Garda, Italy  ( LAKE GARDA )
May 11 - 15                                    Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) Pittsburgh, PA
May 23                                           Riman Wedding, Poughkeepsie, NY
June 21                                          Steinberg Wedding, Princeton, NJ
August 8 - August 24                    Martha's Vineyard
September 28 - October 18        Rome, Italy ( ROME - FALL 2015 )
October 18 - 25                            Cilento Area of Italy ( CILENTO AREA )
October 25 - November 2            Rome, Italy   ( ROME - FALL 2015 )
December 17 - 21                        Hollywood, FL
December  22 - 31                       Fisher Family Trip - Panama

December, 2015 Coronado Bay, Panama Fisher Family Trip

This year the family trip was to Panama. There was a reduced number of family members from the Fisher family. Hynda's dad Ernie did not go for the first time since the trips started. He is 93 and slowing down. Ruth, John and the two grandchildren stayed home in Florida and Brenan decided he could not come after spending a month in Rome. The entire Gustafson contingent went to NC instead of coming. We did a very nice ATV trip through rugged trails, water and a waterfall.

October, 2015 Cilento Region Campania, Italy ( CILENTO AREA )

This is the Queen on the balcony of our room in Santa Maria Castelabate in the Cilento region. This is about two hours south of Naples and is very popular with Italians during the summer. We were there after season and there were only four guests in the hotel - including us. When we and the other guests left they closed the hotel for the season.

October, 2015 Rome, Italy ( ROME - FALL 2015 )

This year a neighbor on the same floor where we rent in Rome went to the US for three weeks and wanted to know if either Morgan or Brenan would like to stay in her apartment and take care fo her dog and two cats while she was gone. Brenan came and we overlapped with him for two weeks. One side trip we took was to Tivoli and the Villa D'Este fountains.

August, 2015 Martha's Vineyard

Annual family photo on Martha's Vineyard. For the second year in a row President Obama came the day we arrived and left the day we left. The only one affected was Brenan who flew in just as the President arrived at the Martha's Vineyard airport. He was held on the plane for 45 minutes until the President left the airport.

June, 2015 Calder and Ava Visit with Ruth, Washington, DC

We had the pleasure of entertaining daughter Ruth with grandchildren Ava (1) and Calder (3). On Saturday night I dragged Calder to Dupont Dircle for the Silent Disco Night. 13,000 people signed up on Facebook to attend. Everyone had headphones and downloaded a playlist of songs from an Internet site and at exactly 8 PM started playing from the songlist and dancing. Since there was no sound it was very strange to see everyone dancing to silence. Calder did not like visiting with the PETA cow who was there dancing with the crowd.

May, 2015 Lake Garda, Italy  ( LAKE GARDA )

While friends stayed in our apartment in Rome, we rented a car and with our bicycles drove north to Lake Garda. We stayed at the Hotel Belvedere in Sirmione and took day trips on our bike or in the car based upon the weather. This is the Queen sitting at the outside breakfast table in front of the hotel.

April - May, 2015 Rome, Italy ( ROME - SPRING 2015 )

This year we took off one of the four weeks and went to Lake Garda in the northern part of Italy. We had many visitors while we were in Rome including the Queen's nephew Toby and his fiance Joya. One day we took them to Tivoli to see the fountains at Villa D'Este.

January, 2015 Hollywood, Florida

The King and Queen got to spend time with our grandchildren. Ava is seven months old and Calder is almost three.

Our schedule for 2014 is as follows:

January 1 - 31                                Hollywood, Fl
March 23 - 29                                Calder's Second Birthday, Hollywood, FL
April 11 - May 9                             Rome, Italy ( ROME - SPRING 2014 )
May 11 - 16                                    Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) Los Angeles, CA
May 16 - 18                                    Las Vegas, NV
May 26 - June 17                          Calder's Sister Avalon Born,  Hollywood, FL (May 23)
August 8 - August 24                    Martha's Vineyard
September 17 - 19                       Las Vegas, NV
September 19 - 22                       KX2ART Show Taos, NM
October 5 - October  27               Rome, Italy ( ROME - FALL 2014 )
October 27 - November 9            Israel ( ISRAEL - FALL 2014 )
December 17 - 21                        Hollywood, FL
December  22 - 31                       Fisher Family Trip - La Terranas, Dominican Republic

December, 2014 Las Terranas, Dominican Republic

The DR ATV team on a secluded beach after a very fast ride.

December, 2014 AutoTrain Station, Sanford, Florida

We have been taking the autotrain to Florida for the past few years. The cars - up to 250 - come off the train in a random order. You can wait 20 minutes or over two hours. Most of the time we are pretty much in the center of the pack. This year we were almost the last car off. This is the almost empty station as the Queen does some stretches as we wait for our car.

October, November 2014 Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Israel ( ISRAEL - FALL 2014 )

The Queen had been asked to give a seminar at the University of Haifa so we combined the Italian trip with a side trip to Israel for two weeks. We almost got tired of the appetizing salads served at most places before dinner but not quite.

October 2014 Rome, Italy ( ROME - FALL 2014 )

We are back in Rome where to make reservations we use the name Lorenzo Picante. They do not know us as the King and Queen. Here is the place setting and reservation system at one of our new discoveries - Meridionale.

September 5, 2014 Lonnie Danchik ( The Lonnie Chronicles )

It has been almost 4 years since my brother was found unconscious in his apartment in New York. Since then he has been in and out of hospitals and rehab facilities in New York. In January, he fell in his apartment and fractured his ankle. After spending several weeks in the hospital and rehab he returned home to his apartment only to be found by a neighbor unconscious again. On this visit to the hospital he seemed to have decided that he did not want to live anymore. He died September 5th at Mount Sinai in the city. This photo was taken a number of years ago on Martha's Vineyard. It was one of the few times I was able to convince him to travel outside of his New York apartment.

September, 2014 Washington, DC Dillon

Another 'warm showers' visitor, Dillon, was biking from Portland, OR to New York City. He stayed with us for two nights.

August, 2014 Martha's Vineyard

This year I think we set a record with 40 people from the family on the island and that did not include President Obama who came on the day the Queen and I arrived and left on the day we left. This photo was taken on Lobsterville Beach just before sunset. This picnic has become an annual tradition and featured the new addition to the family - Ava.

August 6, 2014 Carl Gustafson

This year we have gained some people in the family and have lost a true star - my brother-in-law - Carl Gustafson. He was just one of those special people who would light up a room when he entered. He was always the hit of the party.

July, 2014 Our Tall Gorgeous Italian Visitor

This summer we hosted Silvia, the daughter of a friend in Italy.  She was here to work at an NIH lab in Rockville. She was the perfect guest and we enjoyed her company.

May 23, 2014 Hollywood, Florida Avalon Jules Duff is Born

The Queen was able to fly down to Florida for the birth of the second grandchild. Although she was 8 days early Mother and child were doing fine.

Calder and his new sister Ava.

May 2014, Washington, DC, Nick

The King and Queen are members of This is a website for travelling bikers to use if they arrive somewhere and need a place with a bed and a warm shower. We hosted Nick from China in May. He flew to Los Angeles and has been biking across the US and Mexico since February. He was an interesting young man and asked many questions about the US and we found out some interesting things about China.

May 2014, Henderson, NV High School Friend

Through Facebook the King discovered a high school friend from Martin Van Buren High School in Queens Village NY now lives in Hernderson NV. We were stopping in Henderson to see the King's aunt and uncle so we arranged to have lunch with Howie Klein who I had not seen in over 50 years. It was fun to talk about the 'good old' days.

May 2014, Los Angeles, California, Intel Science and Engineering Fair

This year ISEF was held in Los Angeles. The King and Queen are judges in the Computer Science and Medicine and Health categories. This year it took until 3:30 AM to pick the winners.

May, 2014 Urbino, Italy ( ROME - SPRING 2014 )

With Rome packed with an extra million tourists for the cannonization of two Popes we left Rome and went to Urbino, the birthplace of Raphael and a World Heritage site. Urbino is a small hilltop town about 200 Km north and east of Rome. It rained the three days we were there. That is a statue of Raphael behind the Queen.

April, 2014 Rome, Italy Pasticceria Svizzera ( ROME - SPRING 2014 )

The Queen had not been to this Sicilian bakery near the Vatican. We took a short bike trip and enjoyed a cannoli.

March, 2014 Hollywood, FL Calder's 2nd Birthday

We went down to Florida for Calder's 2nd birthday. While there we had lunch with Aunt Ruth and Uncle Al. Calder was a big hit at the lunch place with lots of older ladies. He was perfectly well behaved.

January, 2014 Hollywood, FL

In order to get Calder to eat his stringbeans we used his desire to copy us to make up an eating game.

Our schedule for 2013 is as follows:

January 1 - February 1                 Hollywood, Fl
March 19 -22                                 Calder's First Birthday, Hollywood, FL
April 11 - April 25                          Rome, Italy ( ROME - SPRING 2013 )
April 26 - May 8                             Israel (ISRAEL - SPRING 2013 )
May 13 - 15                                    Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) Phoenix, AZ
May 16 - 25                                   Queen's Birthday, Albuquerque, NM Las Vegas, NV
August 9 - August 24                    Martha's Vineyard
October 1 - October  31               Rome, Italy  (ROME - FALL 2013)
November 1 - 4                             Amanda's Wedding, Naples, FL
December 17 - 21                        Hollywood, FL
December  22 - 31                       Fisher Family Trip - Columbia, South America

December 2013 Cartagena Columbia Fisher Family Trip

This year the trip was to Columbia. We stayed in Cartagena for seven days doing day trips. One trip was to a volcano filled with mud. The actual vocanic goop was 1000 feet deep but you could not sink even if you tried to. This photo is of the family after we emerged from the volcano and before we washed off in a nearby lagoon.

November 2013 Naples, FL Amanda's Wedding

The family went to Naples, Florida for the wedding of Hynda's neice Amanda to Chip. We took a side trip and went on an airboat ride in the Everglades.

October 2013  Eurochocolate, Perugia, Italy (ROME - FALL 2013)

We finally made it to the annual European Chocolate Festival in Perugia. We returned on the train completely nauseated from eating all the samples. The highlights of the festival included chocolate pizza, chocolate kebabs and salami dipped in chocolate.

September 2013 Pembrooke Pines, Florida Aunt Ruth's 90th Birthday

The King's Aunt Ruth turned 90 and we went to celebrate. Family came from New York. Ruth is my mother's sister.

August 2013 Martha's Vineyard MA Family Picture

We are on Lucy Vincent Beach - the non-nude section.

August 2013 Boston, MA Cousin Roger

We had lunch with cousin Roger in Boston before our trip to Martrha's Vineyard.

May 2013 Henderson NV Weiss Deli Restaurant

May 2013 Sedona AZ

On our way from Phoenix to Albuquerque NM we stopped in Sedona. The structure behind us is called the 'Bell".

May 2013 Phoenix AZ Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)

The King and Queen were judges again at ISEF and once more we were given electric carts to motor around in as we visited all the 18 category winners to decide on the top prizes. Outside of the Queen knocking over two poles as she cut her turns too short we managed to finish by 2AM without major mishaps.

April, May 2013 Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Israel (ISRAEL - SPRING 2013 )

The King and Queen went to Israel from Rome. We visited friends and of the 12 nights we were there we had meals on nine with friends.

April 2013 Gelato Rome Italy ( ROME - SPRING 2013 )

Matt and Dana visited the King and Queen in Rome for 9 days. We took them to Della Palma where they have 29 flavors of chocolate gelato out of over 150 flavors.

March 2013 Hollywood FL for Calder's First Birthday

We visited Ruth in Florida and brought a bunch of Hynda's homemade brownies which Calder enjoyed at his first birthday party.

January 2013 Key West, FL

We made our annual visit to Vince and Kathy's house in the Florida Keys. Vince took the King out for a ride on his big motorcycle.

January, 2013 Hollywood, FL

After the trip to Belize in December the entire family gathered in Hollywood for the New Year.

Our schedule for 2012 is as follows:

January 1 - January 28                 Hollywood, Fl
February 29 - March 6                 Tokyo, Japan (the Queen)
March 20 -29                                 Hollywood, FL
April 25 -28                                    Hollywood, FL
May 13 - 17                                    Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) Pittsburgh, PA
May 18 - 20                                   Queen's Birthday, Philadelphia, PA
May 22 - June 22                          Rome,  Italy (ROME - SPRING 2012 )
July 2 -5                                          Boston, MA
August 6 - August 21                    Martha's Vineyard
October 2 - October 13                Rome, Italy ( ROME - FALL 2012 )
October 13 - 19                             Ischia, Italy ( ISCHIA )
October 19 - November 1            Rome, Italy ( ROME - FALL 2012 )
November 9 -11                            Kings's Birthday, Richmond Marathon, Richmond, VA
December 17 - 21                        Hollywood, FL
December  22 - 31                       Fisher Family Trip - Belize

December, 2012 Belize - Fisher Family Trip

The Fisher Family at Caracol, Mayan ruins in Belize.

November 2012 LaKazbah, Washington DC 10th Anniversary and 70th Birthday Party

The King and Queen celebrate at a Morrocan restaurant in DC owned by the Queen's hair dresser.

November 2012 NIH Bethesda MD Philip S. Chen Lecture

The Queen in invited to give the Philip S. Chen Lecture at NIH. Only seven scientists have been invited to give this prestigous lecture and the poster shown is put up all over the NIH campus. The King attends along with Morgan, Brenan and hundreds of NIHers. The Queen gives a great talk.

November 2012 Richmond VA Anthem Richmond Marathon

The King runs the Richmond Marathon on his 70th Birthday.

October 2012 Rome Italy ( ROME - FALL 2012 )

Our semi-annual trip coincided with our 10th anniversary and the King's 70th birthday so we took our wedding clothes to Rome for some photo shoots.

August 2012 Martha's Vineyard

The highlight of the annual family trip to Martha's Vineyard was the first appearance of grandson Calder.

July 2012 Holly's Restaurant on way to Delaware Beaches

The kitchen in our apartment is being renovated. They are also going to put new tiles in the entry way floor. One day they announced that we had to either stay upstairs for 24 hours or go away. We went to Rehobeth Beach for the day. We had not been to the Delaware/Maryland shore for awhile and we stopped at Holly's on the way. They make their own ice cream and they still make the best milkshakes.

May/June 2012 Rome, Italy (ROME - SPRING 2012 )

This year's spring trip included a bike ride to visit our friend's Peter and Gretchen at the small farm they bought and a visit to the nearby town of Bolsena on Lake Bolsena.

May 2012 Celebration of the Queen's Birthday, Philadelphia, PA

For the Queen's birthday we decided to spend the weekend in Philadelphia. The King treated the Queen to a very nice lunch downtown.

May 2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), Pittsburgh, PA

The King and Queen were again judges at the ISEF Science Fair. This year it was in Pittsburgh. The King and Queen and had not been to Pittsburgh in a number of years and the King insisted on a lunch stop at Primanti Brothers in downtown. They are famous for their sandwiches that come with french fried potatoes - but inside the sandwiches. The salads also come with french fries but as part of the salad. The Queen's salad is to the left and the King's chicken sandwich with coleslaw is on the left.

March 27, 2012 Hollywood, FL

The Queen's daughter Ruth gives birth to Calder Issac Duff is born. The King and Queen are in Florida for the birth. This is the Queen holding Calder right after he was born. He has more hair than the two of us combined.

March, 2012 Tokyo, Japan

The Queen was one of four women who were invited to Japan to speak about promoting women into higher positions in Japan. She visited many former post-docs and friends. At the home of her friend Chiiko she tried on one of the family kimonos. It took over 1 1/2 hours to put on.

January, 2012 Cape Coral, Florida

The King and Queen spent a weekend in Cape Coral, Florida on the Gulf coast. We ran in a 5K race on Saturday and then did a 62K bike ride on Sunday. The Queen came in second in her age group in the 5K race. She lost her age group by 8 seconds.

January, 2012 Boca Raton, Florida

This January the King had lunch with four women who he had not seen in over 50 years. From left to right, Ellen, Shelley, Eileen, and Brenda all attended Martin Van Buren High School in Queens and lived in the Bell Park veteran's coop in Queens Village with the King. I had not seen them since I left New York in 1960.

January, 2012 Key West, FL

The King and Queen visited Vince and Kathy at their winter home in Key West. Vince and Kathy were neighbors when we lived in Kensington, MD and members of our running club.

Our schedule for 2011 is as follows:

January 1 - January 28                  Hollywood, Fl (Florida - January 2011)
April 7 - May 7                                Rome,  Italy ( ROME - SPRING 2011 )
May 10 - 12                                    Intel International Engineering and Science Fair Los Angeles, CA ( CALIFORNIA 2011)
May 13 - May 16                            Bay to Breakers, San Francisco, CA  ( CALIFORNIA 2011)
May 21                                            Dana's Wedding Washington, DC
June 3 - 6                                        Aunt Slyvia's 90th Birthday, Port St. Lucie, FL
July 31 - August 5                          Kingston and Newport, Rhode Island
August 6 - August 21                    Martha's Vineyard
August 21 - 23                               Barnett, VT
August 23 - 25                               Burlington, VT
August 25                                       Phoenicia, NY
September 14 - 21                        Southern Tuscany, Italy ( )
September 22 - October 3           Rome, Italy (ROME - FALL 2011)
October 4 - October 6                   Lausanne, Switzerland ( LAUSANNE 2011 )
October 7 - 17                                Rome, Italy (ROME - FALL 2011)
October 21 - October 23               Austin, TX
October 23 - October 25               Henderson, NV
November 28 - December 4        Boston, MA
December 20 - 22                         Hollywood, FL
December  23 - 31                        Fisher Family Trip - Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Announcing  Kleinchik Invitational Contest Results for 2011!!!

Clink link below for entries and winners!!

December, 2011 Playa del Carmen, Mexico

We stayed at the Hotel Aventura Mexicana in Playa del Carmen. It was one block off the main street and two blocks from the ocean. The hotel was small, quiet and beautifully landscaped and the cook was from Italy. The King and Queen got to practice our Italian. This is the family photo from the trip.

December, 2011 Hollywood, Florida

For the first couple of days that we were in Florida this December the weather was pretty cold and the heater in the Florida house is not sized to warm the house from 40 to anything that is comfortable. The Queen is dressed for the night.

November, 2011 Washington, DC The King's Birthday Party at Buca di Beppo

October, 2011 Rome, Italy (ROME - FALL 2011)

This sort of sums up Italy. Translation: Closed for the Holiday. From when I left to when I return.

October, 2011 Lausanne, Switzerland ( LAUSANNE 2011 )

We flew from Rome to Switzerland to visit an old postdoc of Hynda's. Mayumi left NIH and took a job in Lausanne where she met a Swiss man and got married and had a baby. This photo is from dinner at their apartment.

September, 2011 Southern Tuscany, Italy ( )

This fall trip to Italy was supposed to be together with a weeklong bike trip in Israel in support of the Israeli Sports Center for Disabled Children. This bike trip was postponed to the spring so we decided to do a weeklong self-supported bike trip through Tuscany. The photo shows the King and Queen in the hilltop town of Pienza, one of the many hilltop towns we visited.

August, 2011 Burlington, VT

We made two more stops before we headed back to DC to beat Hurricane Irene which was threatening the entire East Coast. The first stop was in Burlington, VT where we attended a play called The Year of the Duck starring our friend Mike. The theater held about 100 people but on Wednesday night there were only about 15 in the audience including the King and Queen and Renee, the star's wife. The last stop was Phoenicia, NY which is nearWoodstock and we visited the King's cousin Beverly.

August, 2011 Barnet, VT

After the vineyard we went first to VT to visit the Queen's childhood friend from Massachusetts Ruth. She lives in DC but has a house in VT that she goes to with her dog Suki.
The picture is of relaxing at the end of a 2 1/2 mile hike to Bridal Veils Falls.

August, 2011 Martha's Vineyard, MA

This year we rented a separate house for the `children' who all came. With the Queen's extended family we had 30 people located in 5 houses. Left to right in the back row: Brenan, Ruth and John. Left to right in the front row: Morgan, the King, the Queen, Dana and Matt.

July, 2011 The Galvins, Kingston, RI; The Blooms, Newport, RI

On this year's trip to New England we first stopped in Kingston, RI to visit Peter and Robyn. Peter and Robyn are friends of ours from Bethesda who have both retired and instead of heading south or west moved to RI. Kingston is a short distance away from Newport so we were also able to visit our friends from Rome Peter and Gretchen who live in Newport from August to October each year. The photo is of us on the small ferry that takes people to their boats in Newport harbor and also to Goat Island in the middle of the harbor where Peter and Gretchen have their apartment.

June, 2011 Aunt Slyvia's 90th Birthday Party Port St. Lucie, FL

The King and Queen went to Florida for the King's Aunt Slyvia's 90th birthday party. From right to left are cousins Stuart and Paula, Aunt Slyvia, Slyvia's neice Hillary from New York and Stuart's wife Marcie.

While in Florida we also had dinner with Aunt Ruthie, cousin Rona and Uncle Al.

May, 2011 The wedding of Dana and Matt, Tidal Basin Washington, DC

The happy couple at the Tidal basin right after the ceremony.

May, 2011 San Francisco, CA Bay to Breakers 100th Anniversary Run ( CALIFORNIA 2011)

It must be cousins month as the King and Queen had dinner with cousin Howard in San Francisco.

May, 2011 California Coast, Hearst Castle, SanSimeon, CA ( CALIFORNIA 2011)

On the way up the coast we stopped and toured the Hearst Castle. Neither the King nor the Queen had been there for over 30 years.

May, 2011 Los Angeles, CA Intel International Science and Engineering Fair ( CALIFORNIA 2011)

The King and Queen have dinner with cousins Howard and Cheryl in Los Angeles.

May, 2011 Duomo Milan, Italy ( ROME - SPRING 2011 )

The King and Queen took the weekend of the beatification of Pope John Paul (and one million extra visitors) to escape Rome and go to Parma and Milan. This is the King and Queen on the roof of the Duomo in Milan.

April, 2011 The Queen on the Tiber River, Rome, Italy ( ROME - SPRING 2011 )

There is no better way to start the month in Rome than biking on the bikepath along the Tiber River and having a slice of pizza from Pizza Pazza.

February, 2011 Toby and Nicky Visit the King and Queen, Washington, DC

Hynda's nephew Toby and his son Nicky visited the King and Queen for a few days. They spent all their time at museums and toured the Capital building. Nicky bought a 3D movie which can play on a regular TV and this picture is of the Queen and Nicky getting ready to see the movie.

February, 2011 Valentine's Day, Washington DC

The King and Queen visit a nail salon which included all the wine you could drink.

January, 2011 Dodgertown, Vero Beach, Florida (Florida - January 2011)

The King and Queen took a bike trip up the East Coast of Florida and we stopped in Vero Beach. We biked the three miles inland to visit Dodgertown. The then Brooklyn Dodgers first moved there for spring training in 1948 and left for Arizona in 2008. It is a huge beautiful complex (one stadium and about 6-7 other ball fields, dorms, tennis courts, meeting rooms, etc).. The streets were all named after the King's childhood heroes (Robinson, Reese, Snider)...Vero Beach took a big economic and psychological hit when the Dodgers left. In the photo the King is holding his arm over the Los Angeles name... since it should say Brooklyn.

Our schedule for 2010 is as follows:

January 1 - January 26                 Hollywood, Fl (Florida - January 2010)
February 30 - March 1                  Hollywood, FL
March 4 - 8                                    Albuquerque/Las Vegas/Phoenix
March 19 - April 21                       Rome,  Italy ( Rome Spring 2010 and the KLEINCHIK INVITATIONAL )
May 7 - 8                                        Wedding Omaha, NE ( Wedding Omaha )
May 9 - 11                                      Santa Cruz, CA ( California 2010 )
May 12 - 14                                   Intel International Engineering and Science Fair San Jose, CA ( California 2010 )
May 15 - May 18                           Bay to Breakers, San Francisco, CA ( California 2010 )
May 25 - 27                                   Unveiling, Boston MA
May - October                               Lonnie Falls in Apartment (The Lonnie Chronicles)
July 4                                              Wedding
July 16-18                                      Kate and Adam, Portsmouth, NH
August 7 - August 22                    Martha's Vineyard ( Martha's Vineyard 2010 )
August 23 - 25                               Boston, MA
October 7 - 20                               Rome, Italy (ROME - FALL 2010)
October 20 - 24                             Sicily, Italy ( SICILY)
October 25 - November 11          Rome, Italy  (ROME - FALL 2010)
December 20 - 24                        Hollywood, FL
December  25 - 31                       Fisher Family Trip

December, 2010 Calebrete, Dominican Republic

This year the Fisher Family trip was to the Dominican Republic. This is the family picture for this year.

October, 2010 Sicily, Italy ( SICILY)

During our month in Italy we decided to spend 5 days on Sicily. This photo is of the King and Queen in Agrigento, an ancient Greek colony, in front of the Temple of Hera. They estimate the temple is from 5th Century BC. Hera was the wife of Zeus and is the Greek goddess of love and marriage. (I just looked that up!!)

October, 2010 Rome, Italy (ROME - FALL 2010)

On one of our bike rides up the bike path on the Tevere we were stopped by a film crew who wanted to interview us. Our Italian was not quite good enough for them.

August, 2010 Lincoln, MA

The King's cousin Roger visited us for lunch at the Queen's father's house in Lincoln.

August, 2010 Martha's Vineyard, MA   ( Martha's Vineyard 2010 )

The Queen relaxes during a picnic dinner on the beach at Squibnocket.

May - July, 2010, The King's Brother Falls in His Apartment, New York, NY (The Lonnie Chronicles)

The King's brother Lonnie was discovered in his apartment in Manhattan after being on the floor for two or three days. He was rushed to Bellevue Hospital and as of late July is making a complete, although slow recovery. The link above is for the journal we kept of our frequent visits to New York. The Queen is pictured in Lonnie's apartment with Lonnie's upstairs neighbor, Bob, who found Lonnie. The dog is named Darcy and has just moved up from a dog rescue farm in Georgia and is getting used to the big city. Lonnie reads several books at once and the coffee table the Queen is sitting on has 39 books all with placemarks that Lonnie is presently reading.

July, 2010, Adam and Kate's Wedding, Portsmouth, NH

The Queen's nephew got married in Portsmouth, NH. This was the last of 6 weddings that we had scheduled this spring and summer. The wedding took place outside on a dock on the Piscataqua River which separates Maine and New Hampshire. That would be a good trivial pursuit question for someone not from one of those states. On our way back to Boston we stopped on the Massachusetts coast.

June, 2010, Mama Mia at WolfTrap, Reston, VA

On the occasion of Bobbie Litman's birthday we went with Bobbie and his sister Marsha and brother Ronnie to see Mama Mia. We had all seen it before and we sat on the lawn and had a wonderfully pleasant evening. The weather was perfect and the rain which was predicted did not start until the show ended. They let you in with anything at Wolf Trap so we had champagne and wine with out fried chicken dinner.

May, 2010 Bay to Breakers, San Francisco, CA ( California 2010 )

For the third year in a row the King and Queen particpated in the Bay to Breakers 12K Race in San Francisco. The costumes were back but not as many naked people since the temperature never got out of the 50s and it was misty and windy. The same very tall naked guy was back - I wonder what he would do if he knew he was featured on a very famous website.

May, 2010 Here Comes Da Judge, San Jose, CA ( California 2010 )

The Queen has been a judge for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair - a science competition for high school students - for many years. This year it was held in San Jose and they were very hard-up for judges so they asked the King to judge. What you cannot see is that the King was the only judge to wear running shoes - the place was enormous and there was a lot of walking and standing around interviewing kids.

May, 2010 Relaxing in Santa Cruz, CA ( California 2010 )

On this trip to the west coast we had two extra days and we spent them on the Pacific Ocean in Santa Cruz, a town that is stuck in the 1960s. The weather was not very nice but we did take a two mile hike along the coast to the last remaining natural arch on the northern coast.

May, 2010 Bollywood Wedding, Omaha, NE ( Wedding Omaha )

One of the Queen's post docs got married in Omaha to an American-Indian - like from India. The wedding was a combination of cultures complete with henna on the hands of the women (and the King) and Bollywood dancing at the reception. Pictured are the young kids who were up dancing all the time.

March, April 2010 Rome, Italy   ( Rome Spring 2010 and the KLEINCHIK INVITATIONAL )

We had three of our four children visit us for one week in Rome. Dana came with her boy friend Matt who became her fiancé while they were in Rome. This picture is taken in the Amphitheater in Pompeii.

March, 2010 Scottsdale, AZ

We visited one of the Queen's high school friends and her husband who are  `snowbirds'. They live in the Boston area in the summer but have purchased a home not in Florida but in Arizona.

We visited a second and third cousin of the King who he had not seen since his Bar Mitzvah over 50 years ago. Hannah is 93 years old and is living by herself and has more energy than many 50 year olds.

February, 2010 Washington, DC

We managed to be in DC this year in December for the 20-inch snowstorm just before Christmas and returned from Florida for a series of snowstorms that led to a record setting winter. DC has to this point had 55 inches of snow - a 100-year-old record. The total for the last five winters all together is only about 40 inches!!! Photo is of the Queen in the courtyard of our condo in DC.

January, 2010 Hollywood, FL (Florida - January 2010)

Another cold January in southern Florida - in fact - it was the coldest weather in 10 years!!!

Our schedule for 2009 is as follows:

January 1 - January 23                 Hollywood, Fl  (Florida - January 2009)
February 5 - 8                                Las Cruces, NM ( Las Cruces - February 2009 )
February 25 - 28                           Boston, MA
March 12 - April 14                       Rome,  Italy (Rome - Spring 2009)
May 9-11                                        Yosemite National Park CA  (Yosemite National Park)
May 12 - 14                                   Intel International Engineering and Science Fair Reno, NV (Las Vegas - Reno)
May 15 - 16                                   Lake Tahoe CA/NV  (Lake Tahoe)
May 17 - May 19                           Bay to Breakers, San Francisco, CA  (Bay to Breakers)
June 19-24                                    Bike Virginia (Bike Virginia)
July 24 - 26                                    Children of Bell Park Reunion, Queens, NY
August 7 - August 22                    Martha's Vineyard
August 23 - 30                               Boston, MA
September 17 - 29                       Sardegna, Italy ( )
September 30 - October 2          Sicily, Italy  (Sicily 2009)
October 3 - 21                               Rome, Italy (Rome - Fall 2009)
October 23 - 25                             Alek and Mika B'nai Mitzvah, Hartford, CT
November 6 - 8                             Martin Van Buren High School 50th Reunion, Queens, NY
December 20 - 24                        Hollywood, FL
December  25 - 31                       Fisher Family Trip - Panama ( Panama 2009 )

December, 2009 Santa Clara, Panama ( Panama 2009 )

The Fisher family trip this year was to a Breezes resort in Panama. This is the family picture for this year. Ruth and John decided to opt out and go to Michigan to be with John's family this year. Dana brought Matt, her friend from New Mexico and Morgan came with Ita, his friend from Israel.

December, 2009 Washington, DC

An early snow in December right before we left for Florida left 20 inches of snow on the ground at our condo.

November, 2009 Martin Van Buren High School 50th Reunion, Queens, New York

The King attended his 50th high school reuinion in New York. It was very interesting seeing people for the first time in 50 years. It was hard to recognize some people and there was a lot of staring at name badges that had our high school yearbook pictures on them.

November, 2009 Floriana's Restaurant Washington DC

For the King's birthday we went to our favorite Italian restuarant in DC with Brenan, Beth, Jonas, Ellie, Ned and Anita.

October, 2009 Rome, Italy (Rome - Fall 2009)

This trip to Rome our son Brenan and his friend Amy joined us in Rome for three days before they went off to Israel to visit his brother Morgan who is living in Tel Aviv. Before they got to Rome, Brenan and Amy had gone to Munich for OctoberFest and then spent a week hiking Cinque Terra and visiting Lucca, Florence and Pisa. The picture below is the traditional Pinocchio picture.

October, 2009 Thymosin Meeting in Catania, Sicily (Sicily 2009)

The Queen attended a meeting on the island of Sicily where she was awarded the Abraham White Award for a Lifetime Acheivement in Science. Of the 25 previous winners of this award 8 were Nobel Prize winners. The other awardee was Cardinal Martino for a LIfetime Acheivement Award in Humanitarian efforts. He was the Pope's representative to the UN for 16 years.

September, 2009 Bike Trip Sardinia, Italy ( )

The King and Queen did a 10-day self-supported bike trip on the island of Sardinia. It was very hilly and at times rainy and windy but we enjoyed the scenery and the food.

August, 2009 Martha's Vineyard

The highlight of this year's stay on the island was the catching of a 52 pound tuna by Hynda's sister Candy and her family. They are avid fisherpeople but this is the largest fish they have ever caught. It was all eaten in one night by the 35 Fisher family relatives on the Vineyard this year.

July, 2009 Children of Bell Park Reunion, Queens Village, NY

From 5th Grade to the first year of college the King lived with his parents and brother in a Veteran's Coop in Queens Village, NY. The children of Bell Park organized a reunion. There were over 400 people that attended and the King turned out to be the oldest of the children attending. I got to see a lot of my brother's friends. The picture was taken in front of the apartment where we lived.

June, 2009 Bike Virginia Charlottsville, Culpeper and Orange, VA (Bike Virginia)

The King and Queen went on a five day bike trip with 2000 other cyclists called Bike Virginia. It turned out to be a Bike Trip Boot Camp.

May 2009 Bay to Breakers San Francisco, CA (Bay to Breakers)

This year we went back to Bay to Breakers, a 7.5 mile run/walk in San Francisco. We convinced our friend Beth to go with us and promised her lots of nudity.

May, 2009 Lake Tahoe, CA (Lake Tahoe)

After we left Reno we stayed at Lake Tahoe for two days. The photo below is of Emerald Bay and according to the guide books this is the most photgraphed spot in the United States.

May, 2009 Yosemite National Park, CA  (Yosemite National Park)

On our way to Reno, NV where the Queen was a judge for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair we stopped in Yosemite National Park. There was still lots of snow and the waterfalls were incredible. That is the Upper Yosemite Fall behind the Queen.

May, 2009 Riman-Boorstein Wedding, Patterson, NJ

On May 23rd we drove up to New Jersey for a wedding on the Queen's mother's side of the family. The daughter of the Queen's first cousin was getting married. The photo is of the Riman family at the wedding.

April, 2009 New York, NY

The King and Queen travel to New York with Brenan to visit the King's brother Lonnie and to attend a bowling and dinner party for the Queen's daughter Ruth who came into the city to visit an art gallery in Brooklyn with her sister where they will have a show in December. (See for details.) The photo was taken at Haveli, a wonderful Indian restaurant on 2nd Avenue (between 5th and 6th streets) in Manhattan.

April, 2009 Paestum, Italy   (Rome - Spring 2009)

The King and Queen pose in front of the Temple of Neptune, a Greek temple located in the city of Paestum south of the Amalfi coast in Italy.

March, 2009 Rome, Italy Hash House Harriers Ides of March Run   (Rome - Spring 2009)

We are back in Rome for one month. The first weekend we participated in the three day Hash House Harriers Ides of March run. It started with a pub walk on Friday night and a 2-hour run through the countryside in Sacrafano, an hour north of Rome, and ended on Sunday with a run through downtown Rome on Sunday with 68 people dressed in togas. The photo is of us with our friends Peter and Gretchen from Rome.

February, 2009 Bethesda, Maryland

In February the King's son turned 30 and we had a party for him at Floriana's - an Italian restaurant in Washington, DC that is owned by one of Brenan's high school friend's mother. Seventeen people attended and most were Brenan's friends from high school. The next night Brenan hosted his annual charity night at Parker's in Bethesda. Brenan tends bar and part of the proceeds are given to a charity that he chooses. This year it was the Lymphoma Society and last year it was the Children's Inn at NIH. The photo is of Brenan tending bar at Parker's.

February, 2009 Las Cruces, New Mexico ( Las Cruces - February 2009 )

The King and Queen traveled to the Las Cruces Museum of Art to attend the opening of the KX2 exhibit. We also went to celebrate the 30th birthday of the Queen's daughter Ruth. The opening night party was attended by opver 700 people which was twice the normal crowd. If you want to see the Queen's daughter's work go to the website

January, 2009 Hollywood, Florida   (Florida - January 2009)

This year it was very warm everyday in southern Florida.  Here the King gets ready to run on the broadwalk in Hollywood. The temperatures were in the 70s and 80s everyday. Contrast this picture with the one from last year.

Our schedule for 2008 is as follows:

January 1 - January 29                 Hollywood, Fl
March 12 - March 20                    Rome,  Italy, Link to: ( Rome Spring 2008 )
March 20 - March 26                    Barcelona, Spain, Link to :( Barcelona )
March 26 - April 15                       Rome, Italy Link to: ( Rome Spring 2008 )
May 1                                             Kleinchik Invitational  (Kleinchik Invitational 2008)
May 18 - May 21                           Bay to Breakers, San Francisco, CA
July 4                                              Ruth's Wedding Whitehall, MI
July 5 - 21                                      Bike Around Lake Michigan
July 22 - July 28                            Bon Ton Roulet 7-day bike trip in Upstate New York
July 29 - August 7                         Burlington VT, Woodstock, NY
August 7 - August 23                   Martha's Vineyard, Boston
October 15 - November 13         Rome, Italy: ( Rome Fall 2008 )
November 14 - November 23     Israel  ( Israel Fall 2008 )
December 25 - January 1           Fisher Family Trip - Playa del Carmen, Mexico

December 2008 Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The Fisher Family did their annual trip to Mexico. We were at a hotel about one hour south of Cancun. This year was the 'mustache' tour. All the men decided to grow mustaches for the trip. Those of us who had beards, like the King, had to shave down to a mustache.

November 2008 Israel ( Israel Fall 2008 )

We flew from Rome to Israel to visit our son Morgan who lives there. We spent ten days visiting sites and friends. Morgan is standing in front of a trench he dug in Ceasaria when he was there for the summer of 1996 on an archeological dig.

October/November 2008 Another Month in Rome ( Rome Fall 2008 )

This time we had some visitors - first Jonas, Pauline and Denise from Maryland and then our Israeli friends Svi and Tikva. The picture below is with Jonas, Pauline and Denise at the Villa D'Este in Tivoli about one hour north of Rome.

September 2008: Another Tragedy in the Fisher Family

This has not been a good summer for the Queen. In June her older brother Doug died in a hiking accident in Utah. On September 7 her mother went into the hospital with what appeared to be a simple case of pneumonia. Two days later she died of Klebsiella, a virulent anti-biotic resistant strain of pneumonia. Doris was a very kind lady and the King never heard her utter one negative comment about anyone.

August, 2008 Martha's Vineyard, MA

The usual crowd from Hynda's family made it to Martha's Vineyard this year. One day we got seven people out for an 'almost' all day bike trip around the island including this stop at Gayhead or as it is known now Aquinah.

July, 2008 Burlington, VT

The King and Queen visited their friends Mike and Renee in Burlington. They have spent many hours and much money on their backyard and it shows.

July, 2008 Woodstock, NY

After the bike trip in the Finger Lakes the King and Queen visited the King's cousin who has retired and moved to Woodstock, NY in the Catskill Mountains. In the town of Woodstock, every Sunday afternoon they have a drum circle. This drum circle has been going on since the original concert in 1968 and some of the participants look like they attended the concert - that is - they look like the King.

July, 2008 Finger Lakes, NY

The King and Queen, for the second year in a row, participated in the Bon Ton Roulet, a 7-day bike trip through the Finger Lakes region of New York. The Queen's brother Peter also came on the trip. It rained almost everyday of the trip. This is one of the days where we had some sunshine and we tried to dry out the tent and our clothes.

July, 2008 The King and Queen Bike Around Lake Michigan

Our original intention was to spend 12 days biking around Lake Michigan. This was reduced to doing half the lake and then finally to just doing a round trip around Northern Michigan. We got as far as Mackinaw City.

July, 2008 Wedding of Ruth and John in Michigan

Hynda's daughter Ruth gets married on Lake Michigan.

June, 2008 The Queen's Brother Dies in a Tragic Accident in Utah

On June 7, 2008 while on a 100-mile kayaking trip on the Green River in Utah the Queen's brother, Doug, died in a tragic accident. He was into the first day of a 10-day trip down the river when he evidently fell from a 40-foot cliff while taking pictures of the sunset. After a two-day search by helicopter and airplane his campsite with his tent and kayak were found. Later his body was discovered in a deep gorge. The search for him did not start until he did not show up at the end of the 10-day period when the outfitter reported to the National Park that he did not show up. The last picture in his camera was of the sunset and that is how they determined the date of death.

Link to more information on Hynda's Brother Doug

June 2008 The Kleinchiks Visit Alan and Linda at their new weekend home in Reedville, Virginia

We spent a wonderful weekend with Allan and Linda at their new home. We canoed across the Wicomico River to the Chesapeake Bay, ate lots of food and spent the evening playing Genga and eventually getting up to 32 levels - a record for visitors at the new home.

May 2008 San Francisco Bay to Breakers Run

We ran the Bay to Breakers Race in San Francisco with about 100,000 other people. Almost everyone was either in costume or naked. We had told that people run naked but we found that hard to believe until we ran the race. We plan on returning again since this was one big party.

May 2008 The Kings High School Girl Friend and her 95-Year-Old Mother Visit

The King's old (and only) high school girlfriend was in town for the meeting of the American Psychiatric Association. She was there with her 95-year-old mother. They came to dinner. If you closed your eyes and listened to the mother you would have thought that she was 25 years old. She still lives in Queens, NY and drives, by herself, to her other home in the Berkshires (MA) each summer.  The King's old girlfriend was the first women therapist in North Carolina and has always been active (a troublemaker) when it comes to women's issues. She and the Queen got along well. The King had not seen her in over 15 years and had not seen the mother in almost 50 years.

April 2008 Passover

The King and Queen returned to the US in time for Passover. We celebrated with my friends from the summers the King was in a beach house in Dewey Beach, Delaware. The usual crowd of thirty or so people attended.

April 2008 Rome, Italy

We return from Barcelona and have two more weeks in Rome before returning home. Here the King and Queen visit the newly reopened Hadrian's Market which we learned was not a market at all.

March 2008 Barcelona, Spain

The King and Queen fly from Rome to Barcelona to spend 5 days with our friends Elias and Maria Campo-Cid in a very rural area of Catalan two hours southwest of Barcelona. This picture is in the town of Horta St. Joan on a sunny but cold day.

March 2008 The King and Queen Return to Rome

The King and Queen are back in Rome for one month. This is a picture of our first breakfast on this trip.

March 2008 Intel High School Science Talent Search

The Queen is one of 12 final judges at the old Westinghouse (now Intel) High School science competition. She has been doing this for 16 years. This year they had a special cake to celebrate the 10th year that Intel has been doing it. It did not look real so one of the judges wives (Barbara Hauser) stuck her finger in the cake and then blamed it on me!!! You can just see her fingerprint in the side of the cake. Her husband has been a judge for 32 years.

February 2008 South Beach Florida

The Queen's daughters have combined their art talents to produce some really stunning wall installations. They had a solo show at the art center on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach where Ruth teaches. We went down for the opening and the Queen catered the affair - baking hundreds of brownies. Their work can be viewed on their website .

January 2008 The King and Queen Make a Quick Trip to San Francisco

We had one set of free roundtrip tickets as a result of a 'bump' last year so we used them to travel to San Francisco for a long weekend.

January 2008 On the Beach in Hollywood

It was not warm everyday in Florida. Here the Queen gets ready to run on the broadwalk in Hollywood. The temperatures got down into the high 30s.

Our schedule for 2007 is as follows:

January 7 - February 8:                Hollywood, Fl
March 29 - May 9:                         Italy (Go to for the Adriatic journal)
July 22 - July 28                            Bon Ton Roulet 7-day bike trip in Upstate New York
July 29 - August 4                         Burlington VT, Woodstock, NY
August 5 - August 25:                  Martha's Vineyard, Boston
October 3 - October 31                Italy ( Go to Rome Oct 2007)
December 17 - December 30      Tortola British West Indies

December, 2007 Family Trip to Tortola

The Queen's family was supposed to take a Windjammer cruise from Tortola to St. Marten. The King and Queen were not going to go since the King gets seasick just thinking about being on a boat. We had planned to go to Tortola and wave goodbye as the rest of the family left. One month before we learned that Windjammer had gone out of business. We needed to find a place that would be able to take 30 people in the height of the season. We found Fort Recovery on the southeastern part of the island.  The entire time the question was how did the King make Windjammer go out of business.

The picture is of the family with Dana's friend Eric and the fellow on the right Ruth's new fiancé. Link to pictures: Tortola

December, 2007 Bike Accident

This is being typed with one finger as the King fell off his bicycle... actually he was propelled over the handle bars when a car pulled out of a driveway and he stopped a little too suddenly.. front wheel locked and over he went... landed on his left elbow, wrist, knee...Injuries included some road rash/cuts on his lower legs.... swollen knuckles on his right and blue left hand.. fracture of radial head in elbow and one fractured rib…..thankfully no face/head damage..  The King cannot hang his left arm straight down, twisting rotating arm at wrist is very painful... deep breaths hurt.

December, 2007: Hanukah at the Dupont Circle Condo

This year we celebrated one night of Hanukah with our friend Nomizou from Japan. He came with two of his studuents and they enjoyed the latkes and lighting the menorah.

December, 2007: Volunteering at the DCJCC Film Festival

For the last three years the King and Queen have volunteered at the District of Columbia Jewish Film Festival. This year the Queen collected tickets at the door and the King sold T-Shirts. We volunteered most of the week during the day and the King set the record with 9 T-Shirts sold at one film. We saw some incredible films this year.

November, 2007 Holy Cow!! Our 5th Wedding Anniversary !!

Not only was it our 5th wedding anniversary but the King turned 65!!! We celebrated with a big party at our house and this was the invitation. Select link to: 5th Wedding Anniversary

November, 2007 - Visiting Brother Lonnie in New York

The King and Queen took the $20 bus up to New York to visit the King's brother Lonnie. The bus stops about two blocks from the Dupont Circle condo, is very clean, shows a movie, gives you water and we believe that the driver was licensed to drive a bus unlike some of the drivers who operate the Chinese bus to New York.

October, 2007 - Rome  (Link to Rome Oct 2007)

We spent the month of October in Rome. We rented the same apartment that we have been in previously. Weather was great for the month and we managed to eat outside until the last night. Although the canolli is not a Roman treat, we have found a Sicilian bakery that makes the best canolli in the world.

Travels of Rugantino

One of our favorite restaurants in Rome is La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali. It is located close to the Forum on the street Madonna de Monti. Our friends Peter and Gretchen live across the street from the restaurant and eat there often. They introduced us to the owners - Alessio and Gratzia and their two children Aldo and Claudia who work there and we have had many enjoyable meals there.

They have given us the little clay figure pictured below. It is a character from the commedia dell'arte - the famous comic form of street theater that developed in Italy in the 15th century. We have started to take it with us on our travels and you can follow the link  to see the Travels of Rugantino. Link to Rugantino: Travels of Rugantino

August, 2007: Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

The King and Queen spent two weeks on Martha's Vineyard with the Queens family. Dinner at night sometimes got up to 30 people. This is the King and his son Morgan at lunch at The Bite in Mememsha.

July, 2007: Bon Ton Roulet, Finger Lakes Region, NY

The King and Queen went on a weeklong 350-mile bike trip through the Finger Lakes Region of New York. The Queen's brother Peter met us and did the trip. It was his first multi-day ride.

June, 2007: The Queen lectures at a Gordon Conference in New London, NH and the King goes along.

The King and Queen stay at the dorms at Colby-Sawyer College. To give you some idea of the condition of the dorms and rooms  the following note is posted on the bathroom door.

May, 2007: Nocci, Italy

We have completed our bike trip through Puglia and are now back in Rome. This photo was taken in Nocci where we met Mery, Ale, and Rosy. They spent time teaching us Italian and learning about our families. We have updated our journal on crazyguyonabike and have published the results of a new Kleinchik Invitational in the journal. Go to the following link to see the journal on this trip:

March, 2007: The Westinghouse Intel High School Science Competition

The Queen has been a judge for this 65 year old science contest for 15 years. The photo is her with some of the judges and their spouses at the Willard Hotel after the annual black tie banquet - and the answer is yes - the King does wear a tux to the event.

January 2007: Southern Florida

We took what is now our annual trip to Florida to stay with the Queen's daughter. This year her brother Peter joined us and we took him to his first Hash run (he is now hooked) and did some short bike trips. The photo below is from Shark Valley in the everglades where we saw about 100 alligators on a short 15 mile ride through the park.

On our way to the east coast of Florida we stopped in San Marco Island on the west coast where the Queen's dad was presenting a poster at the annual meeting of transplant surgeons. Since getting a kidney transplant two years ago he has become an advocate for being able to pay for organs in this country - something that is against the law. This is him at his poster.

While in Florida the King and Queen visited the King's aunt to get a knitting lesson. Both the King and Queen are knitting scarves.

Our schedule for 2006 was as follows:

January 7 - February 8:                Hollywood, Fl (Go to )
February 13 - March 8:                ROME FEBRUARY 2006
March 15 - March 25:                  ISRAEL 2006
March 30 - June 30:          Biking from San Diego to St. Augustine, FL(GO TO )
August 5 - August 25:                  Martha's Vineyard, Boston, Newport, RI
October 9 - November 4:            Italy ( Go To Rome Oct 2006)
December 21 - December 31:  Costa Rica

You can always contact us via e-mail at or at
(Hynda will keep her email at NIH for one year)

December 2006: Tamarindo Costa Rica

The Fisher Annual trip this year was to Costa Rica. We went to the northwestern corner of the country and spent three days in Ocotal and one week in Tamarindo.

October 2006: Rome (Link to Rome Oct 2006 )

The King and Queen return to Rome for a month. We are visited by our friends Maria and Elias from Barcelona, Spain and spend the day with them in Tivoli. Here is Elias and the King at Villa D'Este in front of our favorite fountain. Coming soon a link to Rome OCTOBER 2006.

September 2006: Newport, RI

The King and Queen visited our friends from Rome (Gretchen and Peter) who have a condo in Newport, RI where they stay for August, September and most of October.

August 2006: Martha's Vineyard

The King and Queen with her sister Cookie and her family (Walter and Ali) before the start of the 29th Chilmark 5K Road Race on Martha's Vineyard. Notice the shirts that the Queen and her sister are wearing from 1985. They have been doing this race for a long time.

March 2006: Israel and the Queen Uses an Old Toilet

The Queen had a meeting in Herzylia, Israel and we went a couple of days early to visit friends in Jerusalem. The picture below shows the Queen in a lavatory (a two crapper with no obvious reading material) that was part of an Umayyad Palace built in 700-800 CE during the early years of Muslim rule in Jerusalem. This palace was between the south wall of the Temple Mount and the wall of the Old City.

February - March, 2006: Rome

The King and Queen went to Rome for four weeks. We stayed at our friend's apartment. This is Hynda with out friends Carla and Enrico who own a tie and shirt store on Via XX Septembre near where we rented an apartment. Details of the visit can be seen at the Rome - 2006 link above.

January, 2006: The Kleinchiks Start Their Practice Bike Trip in Hollywood, FL

If you want to check on our progress for that trip and see how we did in Florida you can go to and look at the journal (The Kleinchiks Do The Southern Tier) that I created.

February, 2006: We Say Goodbye to Sydney

The King was never allowed to have pets growing up so he never had a dog until the Queen moved in. I do not know about other dogs but there was something very special about Sydney. She ran with Hynda and I for many years - doing up to 6 miles - and was a constant visitor at the Saturday morning runs the Queen and I have done for many years. She came to work with me everyday for years and everyone in my office loved her - including the UPS delivery guy who would go out of his way to find Sydney so he could say hello to her. She spent most of the day under my desk until it was lunchtime. Then she made the rounds of the employees as they ate lunch so she could gather up the leftovers. If Sydney was a person you probably would have said that she never had a bad word (or bark) to say about anyone and everyone seemed to love her.

Sydney fortunately did have a second life. When she was 13 we discovered a growth on her throat that turned out to be a very aggressive thyroid tumor. Sydney was given three months to live. While attending a lecture at the NCI, the Queen learned of a clinical trial for dogs with cancer. Sydney was accepted for the trial and within three months her tumor had shrunk by one-half. Sydney lived almost 2 ½ years more but old age caught up with her and we have had to say goodbye. The process, as near as we could tell, was painless. We did this on the same day we left for Rome so the flight over was not easy. On the night before we took her to the vet we went to our local supermarket and bought her an entire roast chicken - her favorite meal. The picture below is the Queen and Sydney on her last walk.

December, 2005: Roatan, Honduras, The Fisher Family Trip

Hynda's family went to Roatan, an island off the coast of Honduras this year for the holidays. There was 32 people on the trip. This is the picture of our family from that trip.

August, 2005: Martha's Vineyard

We drove up to the Vineyard and stayed with the Queen's sister. This is the kitchen of the house they rent. That is the Queen's sister Cookie on the left with the Queen's daughter Dana.

June, 2005: Lancaster Covered Bridge Metric Century

In June, we drove up to Lancaster, PA and completed the Covered Bridge Metric Century bike ride. The picture below shows the Queen as she is about to enter one of the 12 covered bridges that we went through on the ride. For those of you who are 'metric' challenged - a metric century is 62 miles.