Florida - January 2009)

Photo: This is our house in Hollywood, Florida. It is located about 1 mile from the beach in Hollywood and about ½ mile from downtown trendy Hollywood.

Photo: The King and Queen enjoy the sun at the beach.

Photo: While in Florida we attended a pro-Israel rally at the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach. The memorial itself is one of the most moving Holocaust memorials we have ever been to. This was the day after the rally in Ft. Lauderdale where anti-Israel protesters yelled things like `The ovens weren't big enough' to pro-Israel demonstrators. Fortunately, there was none of that at this rally.

Photo: We attended three hash runs while we were in Florida. This is the fourth year that we have done this and by now we know a lot of the regulars. They run every Monday night and they have numerous social events during the week. This device is handy for you always have your water and your beer.

Photo: Our friend's son Brad Oscar was performing in the lead role in Barnum in Jupiter, Florida so we drove up. Brad had played the Nazi role in the Producer's on Broadway and had gottten a Tony nomination. When Nathan Lane retired from playing Max Bialystok, Bradd took over and has played the role thousands of times. It was a matinee and his parents were there as well as our friends from DC Ned and Anita. We went out to dinner after the show.

Photo: One day we drove up to Port St. Lucie to see my Aunt Sylvia and Cousin Paula.

Photo: There is always entertainment on the Broadwalk in Hollywood. Hynda and I may have been the youngest by 10 years watching the Beachcombers play.