Late Luggage

Even though the King and Queen put their luggage in at the very same moment only one made it on our plane. The Queen had to go two days in the same underwear before the bag was delivered to our apartment.

When delivered it was delivered it had one plastic lock for one zipper. This bag has about four different zippers and this one was on the smallest compartment which contained only a copy of our passports??

Computer Light

Another new thing in the market this year was a USB LED light to be used to light up the screen and the keyboard so you can see in the dark. It is very handy in our apartment where there is not much light and what light there is comes from 15 watt bulbs. They only cost 2 euros and I am taking orders.


I often write about the frequency of demonstrations in Rome and here we are the first day and there is a demonstration that is to take place. This is the sign announcing it and the person at the desk.

In the hotel below our apartment the guy at the desk says it is the black hats that will be there. They are the ones that destroy property and set fires. The photo is of one on his way to the start. He has a large crow bar, a back pack filled with stuff and a black helmet.

Banks have boarded up their windows.

Graffiti was placed on many businesses along XX Septembre.

…and had to be cleaned off the next day.

Peta Italian Style…

In Trastevere on the day before Palm Sunday we were confronted by animal rights people handing out brochures. The translation is: And what are you preparing for Easter?

Sewing Machine

The new item that all market vendors have this year is a little portable sewing machine – of course, made in China. For 5 euros we got one including two spools of thread (blue and black). The demo shows it being used on genes. We will try it when we get home.

The Black Buddha

The people who dress like Buddhists and sit on platforms that look impossible were back and they set up their items under this black cover.

Hail to the Romans

The third day we are here and there is a violent rainstorm with large hail. This is a photo of our terrace.

Piazza Navonna

In 86, Domitian built a stadium in Rome for athletic competitions. It was long and there were foot races, javelin throwing and other ‘Olympic’ styled events. The present Piazza Navonna has the same shape of the stadium which is below it. This year they opened a new museum at one end which allows you to tour part of the stadium that they have restored. This model of the stadium has a gate at the far end. The gate just past the model is that gate. You can see the level of the present street versus the level of the stadium.

Easter Window

All the bakeries in Rome have special Easter displays. This was one on Via Meraluna.

Good Friday

Every Good Friday the Pope leads a procession from the Vatican to the Coliseum where he has a late mass. We wandered down to the Coliseum to see or hear the Pope. There were big RV screens set up on the Fiori Imperiali but we went to a place overlooking the area where the Pope was and managed to both see him and hear him. In the photo he is the little guy in red under the umbrella. Everyone else was in white so it was easy to spot him.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is always served in a bottle at your table. When we were in Ladispoli, at a seaside restaurant, we saw olive oil served in a packet. The same was true for the Balsamico. It was strange.


A couple years ago we went to this synagogue for Passover. It was run by the Chabad and was not very good – very, very long and horrible food. The synagogue is Tempio Askenazita.

Locks are Back

Several years ago lovers would put a lock on the lamp post of Ponte Milvio and throw the key into the river. They have now forbidden that so you see locks in random places all along the river. This light pole  is in Trastevere.

Tu Bishvat

A new sign has been put up in a little grass square in Trastevere to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Tu Bishvat.